Acoustic panel, Acoustic panel Manufacturers, Suppliers in India, Soundproof Products 
Acoustic panel, Acoustic panel Manufacturers, Suppliers in India, Soundproof Products

Acoustic panel


A. Prefabricated modular acoustical structures, barriers, enclosures, etc., shall be designed using Acoustical Panels and Components. We have a complete pre-engineered system of components available including wall and roof panels, window panels, doors, joiners and assembly components as required to construct a complete system as designed.

B. Panels and components shall be supplied in ready to use modules manufactured by Envirotech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida (India).


A. The completed structure shall be modular and demountable. All panel connections shall allow easy disassembly and reassembly with no degradation of acoustical or mechanical performance. All components of like function and size shall be interchangeable.


A. In general panels shall be 2”, 4” or 6” thick as required for the specific application in special case, of a double wall insulated unit construction consisting of a solid exterior face sheet, a perforated interior face sheet with the space between filled with acoustical sound absorbing material.

B. Steel Materials: All steel used in the panel construction shall be galvanized coated. Standard panels are electro-galvanized (EG) and may be painted without chemical wash. G-90 hot dipped galvanized is available as an option.

C. Perforated Panel Face: Shall be 22 gauge G.I. Sheet steel perforated to an effective open area of 33% using 0.093” diameter holes on .156” staggered centers.

D. Panel Fill: Prior to attaching the second panel skin, the panel shall be filled with sound absorbing material without voids. The fill shall be slightly oversized and will not sag when the panel is complete and oriented in its intended design configuration.


A. All components may be supplied either unpainted in EG or factory finished using manufacturer’s standard paint coating systems.

B. When factory painting is required all components shall be properly cleaned and degreased, and be free of blemishes prior to applying the coating system.

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Acoustic panel
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